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Who is Jared?

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My name is Jared Poirier, my business is Galaxy Design Graphics, and I am a graphic designer in the best city in the world, Toronto!

I provide a variety of services but my focus is designing for business owners and real estate agents. My services include design, websites, and videos.

What does GDG do?

I have helped many companies gain clients by creating multifaceted marketing campaigns on platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

My clients include Absolut Vodka, Brad J. Lamb, and Shopify. I also work with small and medium size businesses like Leading London, Karate Mark, and yogahound.

I handle all aspects of projects from concept to execution. I specialize in last minute projects and quick delivery.

Get in touch today and learn how I can help you grow your business and achieve your dreams!


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Social Responsibility

GDG is way more than an advertising company. We are committed to giving back, and doing good both in our community and globally. That's why we've partnered with charities like Not Just Tourists, an organization which delivers medical supplies to underprivileged counties.

Providing pro-bono work to non-profits gives these organizations a leg up in administering valuable, in some cases life saving programs, to those in need. If you represent a charity that could benefit from this type of partnership please reach out.